DesignKippah was established by Larissa Eidlina in 1991.
A mathematician by profession, having qualified from Moscow University during the Soviet era after teaching for several years, Larissa branched out into fine arts and sewing.
In 1991 Larissa was commissioned to make kippot for delegates of the First Congress of Latvian Jewry. Since then making kippot, the most commonly known piece of jewish garb, became a large part of Larissa's creativity, both her hobby and her passion.
Since 1994 based in Sydney, Australia, DesignKippah offers it's clients exquisitely crafted kippot, each a little masterpiece of art to keep as a memento of the special occasion for which it was especially created or for daily religious observance.

All kippot made by DesignKippah
are fully hand-crafted from
the premium quality materials.